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When I Fight, I Feel Most Alive

I firmly believe in surrounding yourself with activities and people that make you happy. This is a rule that I live by, not only within my work, social, and family life but also when it comes to my fitness.

You may see results but you will never keep them up if you have to drag yourself to the gym everyday. I have trained in many sports – soccer, basketball, softball, crew, even a little rugby. I was an avid dancer for many years – tap, modern, hip-hop and ballet. I also did a little gymnastics, weightlifting and yoga.

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When I wasn’t affiliated with an organized team sport, I would have a personal trainer or a workout buddy to motivate me. Other days, I tried switching up my routine by attending group classes. Regardless, of if I was playing a with a team or lifting weights on my own, on many occasions, working out seemed to be a chore. For years, I was trapped in this cycle of working out for a few months but then the season would end or I would get swallowed in the monotony and quit. Then, a few months later I would start over again and continue this cycle. Recently, I’ve learned, it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy the classes, sports and other activities (I truly enjoyed most of them) but it was because I didn’t LOVE them. My heart just wasn’t there.

In August of 2011, I was introduced to Muay Thai at Bainbridge Island Boxing Club. Muay Thai is the National Sport of Thailand, the original Kickboxing. Muay Thai completely changed my world. I had finally found a type of exercise that I was passionate about everyday and still am. I feel empowered before and after every workout. Each day, I wake up excited to walk into the gym and work up an insane sweat. I fell head over heels in love: I often show up 6 days a week, sometimes multiple times a day. I have begun to hate missing a workouts.

This sport has motivated me to train in other ways as well, both inside and outside of the gym. I no longer go to the gym with a focus of losing weight, maintaining weight or gaining muscle. My focus is making my body better as a whole, so I can improve exponentially in the sport. I can say, with certainty, that I am in significantly better shape, today, than I was a year and a half ago because everyday, I workout with a smile on my face.

Molly Dwyer Muay Thai article

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This being said, contact sports aren’t for everyone. The point I am getting at is:

Fall in love with something that keeps you active. Find something that you are passionate about, where you can let yourself go and forget about the stress of the day. Any fitness program can help get you into great shape but find an activity that keeps you healthy and motivates you to come back for more. Find joy in exercise.

Be well!

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