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Today I want to chat briefly about the benefits of JOY.

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Scientists are finding more and more proof of the remarkable way our emotions can affect our immune system.

The powerful link between emotional outlook and physical health is no secret. “I didn’t believe in it when I started out 40 years ago,” says Martin Seligman, PhD, one of the preeminent experts in the field of positive psychology and author of the new book Flourish. “But the data has grown year after year, and it’s become a scientific certainty.” Good feelings, scientists now know, have healing effects on the body, and researchers studying everything from the flu to HIV continue to find eye-opening evidence that a person’s mindset can influence her immunity and the rate at which she heals from injuries and illness.

“When it comes to our health,” says Seligman, “there are essentially four things under our control: the decision not to smoke, a commitment to exercise, the quality of our diet, and our level of optimism. And optimism is at least as beneficial as the others.” Scientists don’t yet fully understand the biological mechanisms at work, but they know that negative feelings like stress, sadness, and worry cause a spike in the hormone cortisol, which in turn suppresses the immune system. 
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If you follow my lifestyle blog you know that in addition to my fitness classes inside the gym I ride and maintain horses for fun and well-being. I want to encourage each of you to find an activity that not only brings in activity but joy!
Here is a sweet little hand-held video I thought I would share…

Find your joy and be well!