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I love it when people take a moment to share their enthusiasm.
The following is an email note I received on Feb 9, 2016 ~Colleen

Hi Beth,

Below is the reason I enjoy small group classes.
I have been taking Colleen’s bootcamp class for several months now. There’s a special magic that happens with the energy of a small group setting. You get to know your trainers at a more personal level and it’s easier for them to help you modify your movements so you are always safe. The level of inspiration Colleen gives me at Bootcamp class carries over and enhances the rest of my fitness routine. I know when Colleen believes in me, I am driven to rise to her expectations and I work harder. Thanks to Colleen I feel safer, have more confidence and am inspired to do more to reach my fitness goals.




Hello Colleen,

(Thanks for the Equine Exercises!)

I just wanted to thank you again for the new exercises you taught us at your class at Beth’s!!

Since the class , I have incorporated your exercises into my regular routine at the YMCA.  So far, into  7 days  and already I feel a difference in my strength and balance.

I have been able to increase reps and amounts from the basic format and have put your routine on daily sheets for my 3 ring binder to keep track of my progress!   No more modifications either!!  I had a lesson today  with Beth and again  I was able to advance Breeze’s movements, esp. at trot and at canter!  Had a super ride !

I am so happy that you were  able to share your expertise with us !    So excited and motivated, thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I figured out the answers to some questions that I had.. maybe just one is still not clear as far as the difference between UP/Down Planks verses Push ups.  And just checking again with you next time as far as position of my butt doing regular planks.

I should see you this coming week at Beth’s.  I’m there tomorrow, maybe Wednesday and on Friday.

Hope to see you soon!

Thank you again Colleen,

PS:  My new foam roller came yesterday and I ordered elastic bands in different tensions that should arrive Monday. YAY!!

Carey 7/19/2012

Colleen rocks! I met Colleen as I was beginning to prep for my first bodybuilding competition. Since I hadn’t competed before, Colleen’s experience and expertise as a bodybuilding judge, national competitor (& winner), and trainer was exactly what I needed. In 9 weeks, Colleen introduced me to posing and coached me through the dieting & training needed to compete at the top. The result…I won the Emerald Cup Masters (Class & Overall), the top regional show in the Northwest! And, it was my conditioning and posing that truly made the difference in my win. Thank you, Colleen, for all of your time, guidance, patience, and endless support & encouragement! Carey

Carey’s Testimonial of Personal Trainer Colleen Fisher Fitness is Forever
Carey’s Testimonial of Personal Trainer Colleen Fisher Fitness is Forever

Trudy, May 29, 2010

I love working with Colleen. She knows first hand what she is doing and maximizes the workout to your bodies needs. After years of riding, training and jumping horses I have many injuries that we need to work around. She helps me maintain strength, balance allowing me to do what I love best!


Trudy’s Testimonial of Personal Trainer Colleen Fisher Fitness is Forever

Maureen, March 21, 2010

I was so lucky to have Colleen as my trainer!I
have tried other trainers who have worked with professional bodybuilders before and they didn’t come close to her expertise, professionalism and genuine caring.Colleen was the best by far!Not only did I get the best trainer, I have a dear, lifelong friend whom I trust and love.I highly recommend her services!She knows fitness and the industry like they are a part of who she is.She even helped me with my diet, particularly with two out-of-sight shows.I would only compete again if I had Colleen by my side!The support she gave throughout and after my training will never be forgotten!




Maureen’s Testimonial of Personal Trainer Colleen Fisher Fitness is Forever

Trina February 11, 2010

Colleen Fisher is an artist as a professional trainer. She is dialed into the individual, intuitive and able to pinpoint and articulate what is necessary to create a long term healthy work plan tailored to each person’s needs and ambitions. Her enthusiasm is contagious and a true inspiration. Her expertise particularly in the the highly specialized sport of Equestrian Rider Fitness is innovative and tailored to each individual”.

Trina … Bainbridge Island, WA

Trina’s Testimonial of Personal Trainer Colleen Fisher Fitness is Forever
Trina’s Testimonial of Personal Trainer Colleen Fisher Fitness is Forever

Another Colleen Fisher Fitness is Forever Testimonial:

by Stephanie – February 6, 2010

Stephanie's Testimonial of Colleen Fisher Fitness is Foerver

Stephanie's Testimonial of Colleen Fisher Fitness is Foerver
Colleen’s positive approach to life is what makes her outstanding as a personal trainer! She truly is passionate about health & wellness and shares that with her clients. When you work with Colleen she is present, knowledgeable about her field and gives you 100%. I have had the honor to work with her over the last 12 years and she has changed my body and my heart!


Olivia February 4, 2010


I took 1st place and overall in my first Bodybuilding contest under the training and guidance of Colleen. Yes, she is an extraordinary trainer but, she is also a kind, generous human being. She was with me every step of the way, and some. At the time, I was going through a very personal transition and, because I had to work 3 jobs to make ends meet, there were times when I wanted to give up and she never did. She got me through the bumps along the way, taking time out of her personal days to help me get where I needed to be.

Even though I am a Personal Trainer, I never in my wildest dreams, thought that I would have the confidence to get up on stage and compete in a Bodybuilding contest. Colleen saw the potential in me and took the time to help me see it and feel it for myself. When you have that kind of tenacious support, how can you ever lose, in every respect.

It’s been over 10 years since I competed and trained with Colleen and to this day, I feel blessed and honored to be one of many lives she has touched and changed, for the better…

Ollivia; (CPT. CWC. CES)

Gabriel, April 12, 2006

Hello Kelly,

I am a 32-year old man who is currently in a “slump” because I feel like time is slipping away from me and I am getting old. And then I stumbled upon articles about you and Dr. Bob Delmonteque and I was simply amazed. Bob looks better at 85 than any of my 20 and 30-something friends ever did, and you look simply phenomenal, and you are 77??? When my grandmother was 72 she suffered a stroke and spent the last 2 years of her life wasting away in a nursing home. And look at how incredible you are. I just felt inspired to write you and tell you that you are an inspiration to all of us. I can’t wait until 5PM today so I can hit the gym…

God Bless you,


Doris, December 11, 2005


Dear Kelly,

Thanks for the inspiration! I am 46, a mother of four and a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness in Toronto, Ontario. I am doing some research into the effects of anti-aging programs both natural and otherwise.

Wow! I had heard of you before in passing conversations about older people who have achieved and maintained incredible goals later in life, thus always giving me the hope to propel onward but, today, for the first time I actually checked into a website! Totally blew me away! You are a work of art and an amazing inspiration for me. I decided to no longer wallow in my “boo-hoo-ness” today, but I’ve got my gym bag packed and I’m off for some stress relief and an awesome workout!

As a trainer, it is often very easy for me to prescribe but some days, living the example can be a little tough! Thanks so much for the incentive!!!!




Cecilia , October 29, 2005



Dear Kelly,

You don’t know me, but I know of you. I have one of your video’s that I purchased at Target about a year ago and I’ve been on you and your daughters website and am now reading the Fit Over 40 book that you recommend on your site. I don’t know if you answer emails from complete strangers, but I thought I’d email you anyway. I’m sure glad you are being who you are! Thank you for not being old. Thank you for role modeling a new path for those upper numbers in life. Your right about aging is a disease and you don’t have it!! I’m so PROUD of you and thankful for you also. I needed a role model and your it!!!! I’m 50 and I started exercising about 8 years ago. Nothing like you , but I finally got up and got moving. Now that my kids are away from home, I do spend more time at the gym and I ride my bike around the lake (9.5 miles) several times a week. For my 50th birthday I hired myself a personal trainer for 12 weeks and she gave me a routine, taught me form and inspired me along with you. Anyway, I’m now just trying to keep a exercise routine and buy into the correct thinking so I can be really fit.

Thanks again for making good choices about your health and mobility in life and sharing your story with others. Thanks for not buying into that old age crap. Thanks for cutting a path where there wasn’t one. You have inspired me.



Okla. City, OK



Delia, October 20, 2005



Hello Kelly,

Just letting you know how much I am enjoying the Ageless video set. You two are such natural teachers. When I am working out at the gym I just push ‘play’ in my head and remember that it’s ‘like sawing a log’ on rows or ‘hugging a bear’ on flyes. Goodbye to my top dumbell 20’s across the board, now 38.5’s are my last on back exercises and 41.8’s on squats thanks to the Ageless video visualization.

Your advice is precious to me – …





Delia, October 04, 2005


Hello Kelly,

I received the videos yesterday 3rd October! That is really good going versus 14th October, Hooray! Now the best part – yes, you and Colleen are live and in colour on my TV. Funny things videos, been around for ages and seen by some as dated, but beats a DVD internationally.

You are right about seeing correct form.I have learned mostly from books until now.I feel a real sisterhood with you two when I see you huffing and puffing on the advanced workout.It has taken me almost three years to get to 22lb dumbbells and I crave the size that goes with heavier.I now have a how-to blueprint on video and as a busy Mom with little children, I trust that God will get me there one rep at a time.

Thanking you for all your time and trouble.



Thomas, October 02, 2005

Ms. Nelson you are a great example of an adult woman who has lived a healthy lifestyle. I was shocked at your pictures and the stats on your strength. I am a Dr. who is also a bodybuilder. My aunt who is 15 yrs your junior has never exercised. I try to explain the benefits to no avail. She doesn’t have the strength to open jars, and is beginning to hunch over. I showed her your pictures and stats and she thought it was fake. Please send me an email to confirm the facts. I appreciate your help not only for my aunt but also for my patients.