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Colleen Fisher of Fitness Is Forever

So many people say to me “I want a better body”.  ” I need to lose fat and gain muscle, get stronger and have more endurance”. So me being me, I get very excited to help them! I write a routine, give nutrition plans, help them with putting it together so it becomes a visual and concrete plan.  Then what happens?  Some people follow through and others just think it’s too much work.  Well, to be perfectly honest, it is hard work!  How bad do you want something I ask?  You don’t have to be a competitive physique athlete to improve your body composition and live a more active lifestyle!

Yes – it takes commitment, planning and hard work.  You can’t expect to change if you continue with bad habits and mindless eating.  Your workouts need to be intense.  Your meals need to be clean and balanced.  That means planning a grocery list according to your goals.  That means purging all the processed foods and alcohol from your cupboards! That means getting enough sleep and some form of meditation to stay on track!  That means getting out of your comfort zone!

Some people will read this and get excited and do just that.  Others will not have the will power and therefore will stay the same or even become more unhealthy as they continue to eat like shit and sit on their asses!

As a personal trainer for 35 years, I have had many amazing and dedicated clients that did what I told them and had amazing results!  I also had some lazy, negative whiners!  I got rid of those.  I don’t work or even associate with negative people.  It sucks the life out of you!

So the moral of the story is shit or get off the pot!

Good health is the most important tool in the box.
Take baby steps you can sustain.
Try Shakeology for breakfast!
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Be Well!
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