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Jumping Rope as a sport is great fun for kids of all ages!

I found the unique sport of Jump Rope when I was in the fifth grade,

Jump rope as a sport offers something for every age!

and from the first day I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. It takes a lot to catch the eye of an eleven year old and keep them entertained but Jump Rope had that immediate effect on me and it is a sport I would suggest for any young children to get involved in.

There are many aspects to the sport and all of them are incredibly fun and creative. A skilled and entertaining jump rope routine will be a great mix of showmanship, strength, gymnastics and dance. Most people do not know your awarded points based on presentation, skill and difficulty much like a gymnast. The sport allows you to compete in groups or individually in many different types of events.

Your routine is scored based on presentation, skill, difficulty and required elements much like gymnastics.

Jump rope is divided into two main categories of competition: Speed and Freestyle.








With different events come different ropes:

Double Dutch ropes

Double Dutch Ropes

Double Dutch is the event that allows you to work with the largest amount of people, groups of either three or four. There are two turners and usually one or two people jumping at one time. The roles of each person switch throughout the routine allowing each person to shine as and individual as well as support the team throughout the routine. The skill level is increased by group size

wire speed rope

Wire Speed rope

Speed jumping is the only event that uses a wire rope. The thin rope enables you to turn the rope much faster, making it as easy as possible to get the highest amount of jumps in either 1 or 3 minutes, depending on the event you are competing in.
This looks a little different than the average jump rope because the handles are so long. Long handled “freestyle” ropes are used during singles and doubles routines (doubles is a routine you do with one partner),

Free Style Rope

Free Style Rope

to make it easier to do many different and challenging tricks during your one minute routine. One of my favorite parts of jump rope was picking out the different colors for my ropes, and sometimes trading one colored handle for another with a friend from my team.

The last “rope” on my list would be what we call “Speedballs.” Though they look funny, they are actually used

Speed Balls on a Rope

to build your arm strength. They’re an effective tool… as long as you don’t hit yourself in the leg by accident!

Jump rope inspired and engaged me from a very young age and I would suggest anyone that has an interest act on that! The sport is competitive yet allows for individual expression and  children get use their creativity which was one the main reasons why I loved it so much. Try it all you need is a pair of shoes and a rope!

Hope you learned something new! Next posts will cover rowing, baseball training and gymnastics…

Until then …

Keep Moving!





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