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It is official! I have found the most effective CORE strength building exercise, no equipment required.

number one exercise for washboard absPlank exercises are one of the most effective core exercises and abdominal exercises. Static holds are just where it’s at.

A Simple Plank Routine

While you can perform any number of planks for abs, a simple routine might just incorporate the standard plank and side planks:

2-3 minute standard plank
Core strength comes from plank exercises or "statis holds".





side planks for core strength








1-2 minute right side plank

1-2 minute left side plank

try this static hold for the best abs everBonus 2 minute “around the world” plank: perform a plank with your left arm extended, then left leg off the ground, then right arm extended, then right leg off the ground, each done for 30 seconds with no rest.

Just perform this routine 2-3 times per week at most.  Abs as with any other muscle requires rest for recovery.  See my blog post on “active rest” ideas. Planking has the added bonus of having an almost unlimited amount of variations to keep you challenged. So don’t forget to switch it up! Keeping it a challenge makes it progress.


Now, the cautionary tale is: unless you do the cardio to burn off the excess fat which resides over you washboard abs… no one will see them. I offer up another no equipment required fix for cardio.Walk a block, run a block for 30 minutes. Can’t find 30 minutes? Arrive 10 minutes early to work do 10 minutes walk a block run a block. Take 10 minutes before you each your lunch (may curb your appetite). Finish with the third set of ten before you get in your car to go home. You can arrive home feeling like you did what you needed to feel better today and really relax for the evening.

Be well, be balanced and you will be strong!

Colleen Fisher

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