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A. Get a physical and clearance from your doctor since

you should be having one annual exam per year anyway. Let your doctor know that
you plan on joining a gym or starting an exercise class. A green light from your
physician means proceed with your plans!

B. Hire an experienced personal trainer to help you

get started and stay on track. This can be one-on-one training or a group class
atmosphere. Whatever you decide, choose wisely.

C. Train with weights three to four times per week

with three sets of 10-15 reps—this can be done as a full body workout every
other day or by splitting up specific muscle groups so those groups are being
trained once a week for better recovery. Example: Days one and two workout,
Days three and four, take off. Day five workout, and Days six and seven, take
off. I always focus on form first with my clients. Isolating specific muscle
groups and becoming more body aware. Once this person understands what muscle
group they should be “feeling” that is usually a sign that the form is correct
and therefore they will see quicker results. Not to mention less chance of

With weight training the body will change much quicker than
by doing cardio training alone. Weights are what actually sculpt the body! Just
go into any gym. Look at the bodies in the cardio room doing only that for
their fitness routine and then walk through the weight training area and see
what bodies look harder and leaner! Nine times out of ten it will be those in
the weight training area.

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I. Meditation.

This is can be in the form of anything
that quiets your mind and gives you a sense of peace and relaxation. For some
people it might be receiving a silent massage, taking a walk, listening to the
sound of their dog’s paws as they hit the ground, or listening to music and
just being still and quiet. For me it means getting on my horse and going for a
ride in the woods surrounded by the natural world here in the Northwest

J. Sleep.

Oh yes, the very “elusive”
element that helps everything work better! If you are one of the lucky ones
that hits the pillow and that’s it—good for you! For some of us (me included!)
it is not that easy! I find that a few things can help you get a restful night

K. Do not drink alcohol before bed.

It may make you
sleepy initially, but it will disrupt your sleep patterns and you will wake up
throughout the night.

L. Read a good book in bed.

M. Relax.

Take a warm bath. Have wonderful sheets to
crawl into. I am all about nice linens and the perfect pillow, not to mention a
good mattress!