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You don’t want to miss this!

Colleen and I are excited to debut our next retreat on Saturday, OCT 29th from 10am-4pm at Stephanie’s house.
We are holding ONLY 12 spots open for this retreat. 
Both Colleen and I have felt uninspired by our lives at times, we have felt alone, afraid to make changes, we have felt ashamed at times for not having it all together (so unrealistic) and each have hit a rock bottom. That’s why we have created these retreats, to provide a place where we share our stories, to connect to one another, and to help support other women.
If you are interested in being part of a day that is devoted to supporting, inspiring, and reminding women to tap into their inner awesome then this retreat is for you.
Join Us for $125:  Sign Me Up!
Bring a Friend: 2 for $175 (each $87.50)  Sign Us Up!
We will move our bodies, eat delicious healthy food, but more importantly we will talk about REAL topics (Finding our Courage & Celebrating our Bodies not Loathing Them) and support you to make some real changes to live the life that makes you happy and fulfilled.
Join us this October………it’s going to be amazing!