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Feeling very Kelly today.

I am still being blessed and rewarded by my Mothers presence on this planet, my life and others… I wanted to share this wonderful email with everyone. -Colleen Hi Colleen:  Its been 12 years since I have corresponding you and your wonderful mom, and I want to say that I am sorry for your loss. […]


Water, Water,Water yes, an article on drinking water!

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It’s a great one! People often underestimate the power of drinking water and staying hydrated. I know I did. In January, 2012 I started a new career as a flight attendant. In a plane, at altitude, there is only about 10% of moisture in the air. That is 5% less moisture than the Sahara Desert! […]


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Want a sport that empowers you? Learn about Muay Thai

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When I Fight, I Feel Most Alive I firmly believe in surrounding yourself with activities and people that make you happy. This is a rule that I live by, not only within my work, social, and family life but also when it comes to my fitness. You may see results but you will never keep […]


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Colleen Fisher Fitness is Forever Testimonial:

Another Colleen Fisher Fitness is Forever Testimonial: by Stephanie – February 6, 2010 Colleen’s positive approach to life is what makes her outstanding as a personal trainer! She truly is passionate about health & wellness and shares that with her clients. When you work with Colleen she is present, knowledgeable about her field and gives […]