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Molly’s Gluten Free Blueberry Banana Pancakes!

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Here is one of my favorite breakfast recipes! These pancakes are so flavor packed and moist that syrup isn’t even needed. They taste great hot but they also keep well and are phenomenal cold. I love to take them on the road with me incase I am craving a sweet snack or if I don’t […]


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Jim Dog Ferris Lemon Chicken With Mushrooms

Body builders, work out nuts and health enthusiasts are your chicken recipes causing you to feel like your chicken taste buds have gotten tired of the same ole thing? Well spice up your chicken with: You will need: * split chicken breast with skin and bones-two, three or four depending on how much you want […]


How to save 100 or more calories by making a better food choice


Surfing the net for easy to accomplish calorie cutting I found a great slideshow of ideas by Nicole Catanese. Here are my 12 favorites! 1. Swap a bagel (around 400 calories) for a whole-grain English muffin (about 120 calories). 2. Instead of two regular beers (approximately 300 calories total), kick back with two light brews […]



What is Quinoa and why should I eat it?

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I found this facebook page loaded with recipes, like it if you are interested. I hope you find a new/healthy food experience this week! Colleen Fisher


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