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10 Healthy Was to Invigorate You Water!


I found this wonderful little tip sheet on how to invigorate your water. I thought I would share! Be well, Coach Colleen    


The Best Regimen for College Fitness

Happy to be re-sharing this worth while and needed information with all my followers today. Many thanks to Susan for agreeing to share. attribution to with this graphic. From an original post  on August 5, 2013 Starting out at college is a time of excitement, anticipation, and oftentimes, extreme nervousness. There are a whole […]


During extreme heat drink your water and eat your fruits!

Today I want to remind you to drink your water. yes, I do mean water. I am not advocating the benefits of  “drinks”. In the Pacific Northwest this summer we are enjoying an amazingly beautiful and warm summer. I just wanted to take a moment and remind you to drink WATER. I am adding in […]


Sleep Your Way To Better Health


Since so many people are hungry for more Healthy Tips, I’ve decided to share short and sweet weekly tips with you on a subject, product or idea that I’m excited about. So now you’ll receive my monthly newsletter packed with fun information along with my Healthy Tips filling in the weeks between newsletters. Want to […]



Molly’s Gluten Free Blueberry Banana Pancakes!

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Here is one of my favorite breakfast recipes! These pancakes are so flavor packed and moist that syrup isn’t even needed. They taste great hot but they also keep well and are phenomenal cold. I love to take them on the road with me incase I am craving a sweet snack or if I don’t […]


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Americans Consume Too Much Salt

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The famous slogan, “When It Rains It Pours” was first seen on the blue package with the Morton Salt Umbrella Girl. This slogan is recognized by most Americans and the Umbrella Girl can be seen in almost every kitchen throughout America. Americans are bringing truth to the slogan, originally using salt complement meals and now […]


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How to save 100 or more calories by making a better food choice


Surfing the net for easy to accomplish calorie cutting I found a great slideshow of ideas by Nicole Catanese. Here are my 12 favorites! 1. Swap a bagel (around 400 calories) for a whole-grain English muffin (about 120 calories). 2. Instead of two regular beers (approximately 300 calories total), kick back with two light brews […]



Water, Water,Water yes, an article on drinking water!

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It’s a great one! People often underestimate the power of drinking water and staying hydrated. I know I did. In January, 2012 I started a new career as a flight attendant. In a plane, at altitude, there is only about 10% of moisture in the air. That is 5% less moisture than the Sahara Desert! […]


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Nutrition and lifestyle choices,take your health and fitness to the next level

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Improving your health and losing weight can be a struggle if you only know part of the story. This is where nutrition and lifestyle join forces with exercise breaking through plateaus to help you lose stubborn pounds and take your health and fitness to the next level. No matter what your fitness goals are, taking […]


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Vitamin B12 – should I care?

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Do you want to get happy with vitamin B12? B12 is known to have a positive impact on mood, energy level, brain function, sleep and weight. Who doesn’t want improvement in these areas? Between pills, liquids and injections, it’s easy to get stuck wondering which approach is best to boost levels with supplementation. Optimizing your […]


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