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The Best Regimen for College Fitness

Happy to be re-sharing this worth while and needed information with all my followers today. Many thanks to Susan for agreeing to share. attribution to with this graphic. From an original post  on August 5, 2013 Starting out at college is a time of excitement, anticipation, and oftentimes, extreme nervousness. There are a whole […]


During extreme heat drink your water and eat your fruits!

Today I want to remind you to drink your water. yes, I do mean water. I am not advocating the benefits of  “drinks”. In the Pacific Northwest this summer we are enjoying an amazingly beautiful and warm summer. I just wanted to take a moment and remind you to drink WATER. I am adding in […]


Sports Conditioning, Dance and a bunch of other stuff nobody does in health clubs anymore


Colleen Fisher Certified POersonal Trainer Bainbridge Island

With over 30 years in the fitness industry, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to thousands of different fitness goals. Where my focus, and community demand, stands right now is in the functional, corrective, and ‘support with rehab’ arena. We look at where you are and where you want to be. Then we […]



Water, Water,Water yes, an article on drinking water!

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It’s a great one! People often underestimate the power of drinking water and staying hydrated. I know I did. In January, 2012 I started a new career as a flight attendant. In a plane, at altitude, there is only about 10% of moisture in the air. That is 5% less moisture than the Sahara Desert! […]


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Want a sport that empowers you? Learn about Muay Thai

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When I Fight, I Feel Most Alive I firmly believe in surrounding yourself with activities and people that make you happy. This is a rule that I live by, not only within my work, social, and family life but also when it comes to my fitness. You may see results but you will never keep […]


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It is official! I have found the most effective CORE strength building exercise, no equipment required.

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Plank exercises are one of the most effective core exercises and abdominal exercises. Static holds are just where it’s at. A Simple Plank Routine While you can perform any number of planks for abs, a simple routine might just incorporate the standard plank and side planks: 2-3 minute standard plank           […]


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Colleen Fisher’s D is for Deltoids!

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Today – D is for Deltoids! Deltoids or shoulders are one of my favorite muscle groups! To have those beautiful round caps you need to realize it takes more than little itsy bitsy movements that require no effort at all! Even though the shoulder is a relatively small group of muscles it takes hard work […]


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Kristin Gellert presents: Aquatic Training

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Aquatic training programs benefit more than just those looking to compete in a swim meet or water polo game. Training in the water alleviates pressures from the body, decreases pains from arthritic or overused joints, elongates and stabilizes the spine, and will help develop long, lean, and balanced muscles. Swimming is perfect cross training for […]


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Colleen Fisher’s “C” is for Cardio Fat Burning Tips

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“C” is for Cardio training to burn fat!  Along with resistance work (lifting weights) and sound nutrition, you need to have a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio five times per week.  What is the point of putting time and energy into building beautiful muscles, if they are covered in layers of fat, not to mention […]


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“B” IS FOR BICEPS! Everyone wants them!  Men and women a like!  The biceps are one of the most beaufiful stand out muscle groups for any athlete.  Keeip in mind the biceps are one of the smaller muscle goups , so there is no need to do mega sets of many different exercises, sets and […]


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