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Everyone wants them!  Men and women a like!  The biceps are one of the most beaufiful stand out muscle groups for any athlete.  Keeip in mind the biceps are one of the smaller muscle goups , so there is no need to do mega sets of many different exercises, sets and reps!  In fact this is counter productive to bicep strength and develepment.

The best approach in my opinion is to choose two or three exercises targeting the biceps from different angles.  An example of one of my biceps routines is as follows:

Standing barbell curls super set with high incline dumbbell curls.  Finish with concentration curls.  Reps range from 8-12 and sets 3-4.  This is just one example of a good bicep routine using variety to keep the muscle group responding.  Remember the biceps like any other muscle group will not be visible and defined with layers of fat over it!  Yes – you still need to be eating a healthy balanced diet!  Cut out all the refined junk and think of lean proteins, organic vegetables, whole grains and fruits.  Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Popper!

Happy Training!  Colleen