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Colleen Fisher Fitness is Forever lifesttly BlogIt is a rare occasion indeed when one gets the perspective of witness to a life’s fulfillment. In the case of Alexis Saloutos, I have been a witness to the evolution of the life creation for herself.  She worked immensely hard and made adjustments over time that yielded the amazing results she has today… a well, happy, fulfilling, invested and inclusive life. To know her is to benefit. I am happy to say she will be a contributing voice on my fitness is forever lifestyle website.


I welcome her with excitement and joy.

Colleen Fisher

Alexis Saloutos MS, CN

Alexis Saloutos has been working closely with clients in the health field for over 10 years. She began her career in personal training at the age of 20, where she had the opportunity to work side by side with some of her most influential mentors. Over the course of her youth Alexis lived abroad in Greece. This time greatly shaped her appreciation for food and the eating experience, ultimately leading her to pursue an undergraduate degree in nutrition.Shortly after graduating with her B.S. in 2006, Alexis and her husband opened their first of two Mediterranean specialty shops in the Seattle area. She then returned to Bastyr for her nutrition Masters degree where her thesis involved the study of mercury amalgams and hair trace mineral analysis. Over the years Alexis has immersed herself in a variety of studies, all of which have shaped her unique approach to supporting balance and health for each individual. In addition to Ousia, Alexis provides nutrition consultations for Sound Mind & Body Gym and is a nutrition practitioner at Sophia Health Institute.

CREDEAlexis Saloutos articles on nutrition and well beingNTIALS
M.S. Nutrition, Bastyr University
Certified Nutritionist (CN) Washington State
B.S. Nutrition, Bastyr University
Licensed Massage Therapist, Brenneke School of Massage
Certified Intuitive Eating Practitioner
Reiki Master Teacher
ACSM-HFI Certified Personal Trainer

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