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Meet our founder Colleen Fisher:

I started documenting my life of “Fitness is Forever” as homage to my beloved Mother Kelly Nelson. I wanted to fulfill her wish and our dream that someday we write a book and tell people just how fitness had enhanced and supported our lives. The writing and the subsequent publishing of that book “Fitness is Forever” is the spark that has re-ignited my desire to share my lifestyle tips, training advice and nutrition suggestions.

I have posted here a composite of me throughout the years… up to today! I am living proof as was my Mom that fitness should be a tool we take on our life journey.

Colleen Fisher Author "Fitness is Forever " Exercise and Nutrition Workbook

As I move forward and build my platform to share fitness tips, and well being advice I will be moving forward without my Mom which in a lot of ways is very hard. I have asked some of the wonderful people I have met along the way to guest speak on my website and share their ideas to enhance your life. The goal here is not just to be  more fit but ultimately more well and happy.
So here I start, I hope you stay tuned for the trip!
Colleen Fisher


Kelly Nelson and Colleen Fisher

“Kelly Nelson (age 75) and daughter Colleen Fisher (age 46)

National Grand Masters & Masters Bodybuilding Champions Titles spanning a 20 year career of competitions”

Kelly Nelson and Colleen Fisher Mother and Daughter, Kelly and Colleen, finally after 20 years of being their own “case study” in the area of weight training & fitness, are sharing their insights and secrets as to what has kept them lean, healthy and youthful. “With so many gimmicks in the area of physical fitness and exercise, we have decided to help people become healthier and more physically fit through our instructional weight training video series”. You need not be an athlete of any kind! Included on these tapes is a very important nutrition segment.
Kelly did not start weight training until she was 53 years old, with no athletic background what so ever! This is a lifestyle and a passion for the mother and daughter team. Both share a love of fitness and enjoy not only the sport of competitive bodybuilding, but are avid bicyclists, cross country skiers, and lovers of the animal world. Colleen is a certified personal trainer and has been training people for the last 18 years. Both have a background in sales and marketing. They are sought after as speakers for different groups around the country. Featured both nationally and internationally on both television and in magazines, including the following:
Kelly Nelson and Colleen Fisher
Colleen & Kelly with Rosie O’Donnel

Rosie O’Donnall, Maury Povich, Inside Edition, Channel 5 Sports, Northwest
Cable News Sports, Latenight Philly, Dateline Germany, Fox Sports “Going
“, Amazing People from Around the World (Japan), and Ripley’s
Believe It or Not!

Muscle & Fitness, Oxygen, Flex, Ironman, Women’s Physique World, Muscle
Mag International, National Enquirer, Texas Fitness & Longevity, Body
International, Femme Actualle (European) and Zest (European).

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