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Feeling very Kelly today.

I am still being blessed and rewarded by my Mothers presence on this planet, my life and others… I wanted to share this wonderful email with everyone.

Fitness professional and motovational speaker Colleen Fisher

This ones for you Mom.
Same place 15 years ago. Pittsburgh, PA
I miss you Mom.


Hi Colleen:

 Its been 12 years since I have corresponding you and your wonderful mom, and

I want to say that I am sorry for your loss. I have never met her but

through her email and yours as well she was a wonderful woman and an

inspiration to maintain healthy lifestyle at any age. I had no idea about

your mom moving on to join the heavens.


I have never met her personally I emailed both of you one of my drawings I

did of the both of you and I always thought you both had a personal

beautiful relationship as mother and daughter and it was broadcast back in

the 1990’s around 1997 or 1998 and when you both were onstage like two Greek

Goddesses onstage. That is what I prefer to remember the good times the good

old 1990’s. You both were role models for a group of people to maintain

healthy and the fountain of youth. When the two of you were onstage together

I thought it was a beautiful thing to watch. She was your guardian angel and

gave you a legacy that you will carry in the new transition.


I know about losing a loved one , my mother left the planet at the young age

of 64 in 1996, and she will always have a special place in my heart just

like Kelly is to you and she is probably up in the skies smiling and


ing the legacy she left behind and you both made a difference. God

bless her in her new life and God bless you in making a difference