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First blog post of 2016!

equine exercise from the barn

As we enter this new and beautiful year don’t be a procrastinator! Set realistic goals. Start slow and steady because that will win the race! I like to have a workout and food journal to help myself and my clients stay focused and on track. For example Today, we are out of town, but I will still get in some exercise outside as in cross country skiing!

I will enjoy healthy food, but I may have a dessert after dinner tonight! Living a healthy lifestyle is just that -a “lifestyle”! Travel does not mean you get to be lazy and eat like crap. Hotels have gyms and many have outdoor activities, not to mention you can always plan a beautiful walk at a brisk pace! Healthy food choices are on most menu’s or you can make a request without a problem. Journaling is fun and seeing what you do is very eye opening. You will get an idea of what was done well and what needs work. For me, I plan to incorporate 20 minutes of quiet meditation every day as part of my wellness. I also will make a menu plan for the week so I know exactly what to shop for. This along with packing my food in a little cooler to take with me when on the road is the only way I can stay away from either not eating at all (major bonk!), or hitting a drive thru at a fast food place. Yes -I am only human and make my share of mistakes! So here is to the best YOU ever in 2016!!!!