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Personal Trainer Testimonial by: Kate

Find a Personal Trainer on Bainbridge IslandI am blessed to call Colleen Fisher  a friend as well as my trainer and inspiration for over 15 years.  Because of her knowledge, expertise and inspiration, I am competing…. and winning…in sports that I had assumed were lost to me long ago.I attended college long before the passage of Title Nine, and so athletic options were extremely limited for my generation. But one day, not too long before my 50th birthday, I was musing during one of my workouts with Colleen, that, had I the opportunity when I was “young”, I might have enjoyed being a triathlete. Colleen’s response: “Why don’t you do it now?”  I didn’t have a ready answer , but she did.And that was to give me the strength training, resources and unflagging encouragement to take it on, despite the doubts in my brain and the butterflies in my stomach. In the process I faced down a childhood fear of dark water and competed in my first Danskin Triathlon in 1999. I competed in other Northwest triathlons with my daughter (who had never done a triathlon either, despite the benefit of Title Nine!)   as well as the Danskin for 5 more years, winning my age division in a number of races.Competing in triathlons reawakened my childhood love of swimming. I am a member of Bainbridge Aquatic Masters where I enjoy the wonderful camaraderie of like-minded swimming nuts. I workout 3 times/week or more with the Masters and compete regularly in local and regional meets. Last April, I swam in the 2012 National Masters Meet in Greensboro, North Carolina, returning with 8 medals, including 2 first place relay race medals.Find a Personal Trainer on Bainbridge IslandI have never felt as healthy, happy or energized as I do today. My strength workouts with Colleen remain the highlight of my week. And because of Colleen, my real fitness began after I turned 50 and it is forever.


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